Why Would a Wisdom Tooth Extraction Be Recommended?

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Tucson, AZ

A wisdom tooth extraction must happen because of dental issues affecting the rest of your teeth. Third molars erupt later than your other teeth. That is why there is not enough space for them to grow anymore. Not having enough dental space results in many issues. If you want to know why you should have a wisdom tooth extraction, here are the details.

Jaw damage

Pain or stiffness comes first when wisdom teeth emerge. Problems with the jawbone happen. Then, issues with biting and chewing follow. This makes it difficult for the person to bite, chew, and speak.

Wisdom teeth may not even erupt at all. This happens because there is not enough space or the tooth itself is growing the wrong way. Wisdom tooth impaction inside the jaw is painful. It can limit the opening of the mouth. The impacted wisdom tooth could also cause damage to nerves in the jaws. Dentists recommend a wisdom tooth extraction to prevent more jaw damage.

Tooth damage

The other adult teeth up to the second molars erupt and establish earlier than wisdom teeth. Wisdom teeth eruption forces the neighboring teeth to shift. This loosens the neighboring teeth. Gum pockets form, allowing bacteria to enter. The infection starts and deteriorates teeth and gums.

It causes overcrowding, pain, and bite problems. Dental shifting makes it difficult to perform dental care. Poor oral hygiene leads to tooth decay. A wisdom tooth extraction must happen to correct the condition of the neighboring teeth.

Sinus issues

There is a connection between the nose and the mouth. Impacted wisdom teeth can impact sinuses. In some cases, wisdom teeth grow into the sinuses. This causes congestion, sinus pain, and pressure. A wisdom tooth extraction will relieve these symptoms and keep sinuses healthy.

Gum inflammation

Impacted wisdom teeth can cause pain and inflammation to gums. A wisdom tooth can erupt at a specific angle. The wisdom tooth can end up growing perpendicular to the second molar. This causes gum inflammation.

The pain and swelling in the gums make it difficult to clean the area of impaction. The gums of the neighboring teeth are painful as well. This results in poor oral care. Over time, tooth decay takes over. A wisdom tooth extraction will remove the impacted wisdom tooth, stabilizing the patient’s mouth again.

Dental pain and sensitivity

Pain is a common sign of wisdom teeth eruption or impaction. The pain is tolerable at first. In some people, it may even be painless. Once the pain starts, the patient must visit the dentist right away. Throbbing often accompanies the pain from wisdom tooth eruption or impaction. The dentist will recommend a wisdom tooth extraction to prevent future dental issues.

Wisdom tooth extraction can stabilize your oral environment

Paying attention to the source of your dental pain is important. If it is at the back of your mouth, seeing your dentist will confirm what is happening. A wisdom tooth eruption or impaction can cause chaos in your mouth and overall health. An appointment with your dentist can remove your discomfort and future oral issues with a wisdom tooth extraction.

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