Possible Dental Issues from Wisdom Teeth Cysts

Possible Dental Issues from  Wisdom Teeth Cysts from Simply Smiles Dentistry in Tucson, AZWisdom teeth tend to disrupt the balance of your oral environment. As these third molars develop, dental issues emerge. One of them is a dentigerous cyst. It is a fluid-filled sac that grows in the soft tissue and jawbone. Dentigerous cysts from wisdom teeth can carry dental problems. If you want to understand the dental problems from wisdom teeth cysts, here are the details.

Dental pain and swelling

Wisdom teeth can have cysts that appear along the side or on top of the gum tissue that covers them. As the third molars develop, the cyst grows more. The pain becomes persistent and intense. Swelling is the body’s natural reaction to infection. It may also be a result of gum irritation. These cause issues in the patient’s quality of life.

Severe dental pain and swelling can cause difficulties in chewing and talking. The swelling obstructs the natural movement of the jaw. It also makes the patient conscious of the action. The patient should go to the dentist right away to help with the dentigerous cyst. If it is still tiny, antibiotics can target and stop its growth. The extraction of the wisdom teeth must happen if it recurs.

Pain and swelling result from the infection inside the wisdom tooth. Infection in the gums and jawbone can also cause these issues. When there is an infection, the body tried to fight it by sending soldier cells. The battle against the infection is evident with the pus formation inside the cyst. Pressure builds up inside the cyst as the pus accumulates. The pain and swelling will subside by controlling the infection with antibiotics.

Jaw cysts

If the wisdom teeth cysts do not receive proper treatment, they grow larger and deeper. The cyst reaches the jawbone and becomes a jaw cyst. This develops slowly. The dentist can only see this through a dental X-ray. It may also affect the neighboring teeth. The pain it causes is intense, so the dentist must remove this cyst.

Jaw cysts can develop and then grow big enough to affect other teeth. It may even grow large enough to weaken and fracture the jawbone itself. This may be noticeable because of a visible lump in the jaw. The jaw cyst may also cause persistent infections in the neighboring tooth. Preventing the worsening consequences of a jaw cyst needs a surgical procedure that will remove it.

Teeth migration

As the cysts from wisdom teeth grow bigger, these will push the neighboring teeth. These teeth will then push the next teeth. The constant pushing and dental movement cause pain and misalignment. This affects the patient’s biting, chewing, and speaking. Whenever the patient moves the jaws, the teeth in the upper jawbone and lower jawbone will hit each other. This can also cause dental fractures or chipping.

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Various dental issues arise when cysts form around your wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth can cause different dental issues. One of them is the formation of cysts on or around the wisdom teeth. The mentioned dental issues can surface from these growths. Regular dental appointments can detect these cysts and lead to their removal.

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