How Cosmetic Braces Differ from Traditional Braces

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Cosmetic braces are a subtler version of the traditional metal braces that have been the standard for straightening teeth for over a century. Metal braces were invented centuries ago, and they remain the most effective way to straighten teeth. Unlike clear aligners, which can only be used to fix orthodontic issues caused by abnormal teeth positioning, braces can be used to fix alignment problems caused by abnormal jaw or teeth positioning as well.

None of the modern dental innovations used to straighten teeth have proven to be as effective as metal braces when it comes to fixing the worst orthodontic issues. There is just one problem: metal braces are not the most aesthetically pleasing. They look like miniature railway tracks on the patient’s teeth, and they cover most of their front surfaces. All people see when a person with braces opens their mouth is a line of metal brackets and wires.

Differentiating cosmetic braces from traditional braces

Cosmetic braces consist of the same components that make up metal braces. The metal brackets and wires that make up conventional braces are simply replaced with more aesthetically pleasing options. The metal brackets that are cemented to each of the patient’s teeth are swapped with tooth-colored brackets, while the metal wires that connect the brackets are replaced with transparent wires or tooth-colored ones.

As a result, the patient gets a set of braces that are barely noticeable in their mouth. They still get to enjoy the benefits that come with braces. Reasons a dentist might recommend clear braces instead of metal ones include:

  • The patient wants a more discreet way to straighten their teeth. Clear braces are significantly harder to detect when the wearer smiles. It takes a very detailed look to notice anything
  • The patient is not disciplined enough for other subtle ways to straighten teeth like the use of clear aligners. Such appliances need to be worn for 22 hours a day, and missing days makes the treatment less effective. Children, teenagers, or adults who might be too busy to keep up with clear aligners might be better off with a fixed appliance like clear braces
  • The patient has orthodontic issues that cannot be fixed with removable devices like clear aligners

Treatment times with tooth-colored braces can be anywhere between 12 to 36 months. The devices will be adjusted many times during the treatment to increase the forces being applied to the patient’s teeth over time. Most patients will have to wear a retainer once their treatment is complete. A retainer is a device that helps to prevent teeth from moving back to their old position. Some retainers are fixed in place, while others are removable. The severity of the issue fixed with braces often determines how long the person has to wear a retainer.

Improve the alignment of your teeth

Thanks to appliances like cosmetic braces, you can now straighten your teeth without having to deal with traditional metal braces. Give us a call or stop by our Tucson clinic to set up an evaluation with our dentist.

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