How Does a Pediatric Dentist Recommend Getting a Child to Floss Regularly?

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Wondering whether flossing is important for children? Read on to learn tips from a pediatric dentist on the importance of flossing. Getting into the habit of flossing while they are young will help them in the long run. Daily flossing eliminates plaque and food particles stuck between the teeth, which can lead to gum disease, foul breath, and cavities.

A pediatric dentist explains how to teach children the importance of flossing

If parents start flossing for their children in their early years, they will have a better chance of getting them to do it on their own later on. Floss the child's baby teeth as soon as the teeth are close together, which is usually between the ages of two and six. Then, one can teach kids to floss on their own as they get more adept, usually around the age of 10. When a child learns a new skill at a young age, there is a higher chance they will maintain the habit as an adult. Here are some more tips from a pediatric dentist on how to ensure your child learns to floss properly,

Make flossing easier

To make it easier for kids to grasp a strand of floss, tie tiny rings at the ends. Give them a flexible and soft floss that is gentle on their teeth and gums. Then, demonstrate how to:

  • Gently slide the floss between their teeth, being careful not to snap it against their gums
  • Arc the floss around each tooth in a C shape, sliding it up and down the sides and into the gum line
  • For each tooth, use a different part of the floss

Make flossing fun for children

If flossing seems enjoyable for a child, they will have no problem developing the habit. Parents can play them one of their favorite tunes while flossing. Children should be allowed to select their preferred flossing product as they are more likely to utilize something they choose themselves.

Flossing products are also available in different flavors, including cupcakes, bananas, and bubble gum. Make flossing more enjoyable for a child by allowing them to choose their favorite. Parents can exemplify proper flossing methods by flossing with their children. If you floss with your child, it will be more enjoyable and motivating for them.

Give children a special reward, like a bedtime tale, for flossing. For example, an older child may get extra TV time before bedtime. Create a chart and give the child a star for flossing without being prompted. They will earn a gift if they get five stars. As the stars increase, make the goodies more rewarding. If they have siblings, make flossing a game by rewarding the first person to obtain 10 stars with a slightly higher reward.

Flossing is important

The child needs to understand the repercussions of not flossing. Several kid-friendly instructional films are available on the internet and might assist in persuading children of the need to floss regularly. In addition, during one of your child's routine dental checkups, ask the pediatric dentist to explain the significance of flossing to your kid.

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