Reasons for Preventative Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Reasons for Preventative Wisdom Teeth Extraction from Simply Smiles Dentistry in Tucson, AZWisdom teeth extraction is common among teens and people in their early 20s. If you are around this age or have a child in this period of life, it is time to consider this procedure. Your dentist can evaluate you or your son or daughter to determine the appropriate next steps. These third molars often do not have enough space to erupt normally. This creates challenges with oral health and your appearance. Wisdom teeth can cause pain and discomfort and can even affect other teeth in the mouth.

How wisdom teeth extraction works

Taking out a wisdom tooth begins when a patient is around age 14 or 15. At this time, a dentist can examine the patient and take X-rays to see how the wisdom teeth are developing. The dentist can get an idea of whether there will be enough room for the teeth to come in. Taking out the teeth makes the most sense in the late teenage years when the jawbone is a little softer.

To remove the teeth, a dentist will numb the patient or put them to sleep. The dentist then cuts into the gum, removes the surrounding bone, and then takes out the tooth in pieces. The dentist stitches the incision wound and controls any bleeding. Recovery time can take a week or more.

Avoiding decay or gum disease

Wisdom teeth are susceptible to developing cavities or causing periodontal disease. The teeth are situated far back in the mouth. This makes it difficult to reach them with dental floss and a toothbrush. As a result, plaque and tartar buildup are common. The bacteria in these substances will eat away at the enamel and attack the gums. Removing these molars before they erupt can eliminate these risks.

Avoiding pain and discomfort

When wisdom teeth come in, they can be painful. These feelings can affect the person’s gums and jaw as well as the teeth themselves. The dentist may recommend extracting any erupted teeth. Many patients have this surgery before the teeth ever cut through the gums.

Avoiding damage to other teeth

A properly emerging tooth will come up from the gums next to existing teeth. Wisdom teeth often do not do this effectively. The teeth may grow sideways, bumping against adjacent teeth. This can harm the root of the tooth or even damage nerves. If a wisdom tooth grows into another tooth, the one already there may shift and become loose.

Avoiding cosmetic problems

Even if wisdom teeth do not become infected or have decay, it still may be good to remove these molars. It is common for these teeth to come in at odd angles or have alignment problems. To stay away from teeth-straightening treatments and bite-correction processes, extracting the teeth may be the right move. That way, the patient does not have to worry about having an unsightly smile.

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Multiple reasons to get rid of these teeth

Not everyone needs to go through the wisdom teeth extraction process. Some people’s third molars come in without any issues. However, if you are like many patients, you will need to do this treatment. Call your dentist today and schedule an appointment. You can decide when it is the right time to remove your third set of molars.

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