A Guide to Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Tucson, AZ

The growth of third molars in a crowded mouth may lead to the need for wisdom tooth extraction. These extra teeth typically break through the gum line during late adolescence, potentially causing discomfort when eating or swollen, tender gums. Some patients have no unpleasant symptoms and learn of these additional molars through a dental exam. Even so, wisdom teeth have the potential to cause problems with oral hygiene, as well as the mouth and jaw, causing many to look into having these teeth removed.

Why do wisdom teeth get removed?

Even if an individual feels no pain or discomfort from the third molars, these teeth can lead to problems with oral hygiene. It is much harder to floss and brush around these teeth, and poor cleaning can lead to a buildup of bacteria and the development of cavities. For the wisdom teeth that are crowded into the adjacent molars, decay from one can spread to another can create additional challenges. There are several other reasons why wisdom tooth extraction may be recommended by a dentist.

1. Gum disease

Wisdom teeth are known to increase the likelihood of developing gum disease. This is a condition where severe infection damages the gums and destroys the jawbone. Gums become tender, red, and swollen, and left untreated, the infection can lead to tooth loss. It can also increase the risks of developing diseases of the heart or lungs. As bacteria can get trapped around wisdom teeth, it can spread to the gums and create cysts or abscesses. In serious situations, the infection can spread to other areas of the body.

2. Tooth alignment

Many people do not have room for their wisdom teeth, and unless removed, these teeth can crowd the other teeth out of alignment to make more room in the mouth. Misalignment can cause problems with speaking and eating, as well as create complications with teeth grinding or oral discomfort.

3. Impacted teeth

Some third molars are not able to fully grow into the mouth because there is not enough space. In these cases, the teeth may not break through the gums and get stuck just below the surface. The teeth may also be forced to grow sideways or in another abnormal position to fully erupt. This can lead to pain and other complications.

How do wisdom teeth get removed?

During a visit for wisdom tooth extraction, the dental professional makes a small incision into gums to gain better access to the wisdom tooth, its root, and the jaw bone. In some situations, the tooth is manipulated into several pieces to make it easier to remove. After all portions of the tooth have been removed, the site is thoroughly cleaned of any debris or traces of tooth. The incision site is stitched close to control bleeding and promote healing. The patient often has the site packed with gauze for several hours to minimize bleeding. After, the dental professional provides post-procedure care instructions to ensure the site heals well with minimal discomfort.


Wisdom teeth can cause a number of issues that require their extraction. This routine procedure is nothing to fear and is often necessary to maintain good oral health.

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