What Is a Removable Partial Denture?

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A removable partial denture might be what you need if you are missing a few of your teeth. Partial dentures are one of the most affordable ways to replace missing teeth, and they restore the look and function of lost teeth.

A partial denture typically consists of two main parts: a framework that rests on teeth and artificial teeth that are attached to the framework. Attachments are often used to secure partial dentures to teeth, keeping them in place. Partial dentures provide more stability than their full counterparts. Dentists sometimes fit teeth with crowns so they are better able to support partial dentures.

What to expect when getting a removable partial denture

Getting partial dentures is a non-invasive approach to replacing missing teeth. It is a more affordable solution than alternatives like implants, and it is effective at replacing lost teeth. The process typically starts with a consultation with a dentist. Since there are not surgical steps required, all patients qualify for partial dentures.

The dentist might prepare the teeth that the oral prosthetic will be attached to for crowns. This involves removing portions of enamel from their sides. A local anesthetic is administered prior to this, numbing the area being worked on. This prevents the patient from feeling pain during the process.

The dentist will then take an impression of the patient’s mouth by having them bite on a dental mold. This leaves an impression that is sent to a dental lab where the patient’s crowns and partial dentures are made. It takes an average of about two weeks for the finished restorations to get back to the dentist. Any teeth that have been prepared for crowns will be fitted with temporary crowns to protect them for the time being.

Once the patient’s oral restorations are ready, the dentist calls them back in for a second appointment. The temporary crowns are swapped with the customized crowns, and the dentist teaches the patient how to insert and remove their dentures. The patient will also be given instructions on how to properly take care of their restorations.

Life with partial dentures

Partial dentures might feel a bit bulky or awkward at first, but they eventually become a part of the patient’s mouth. It will take time to become an expert at inserting and removing the restoration.

Partial dentures should fit naturally in the patient’s mouth, and they should never be forcibly inserted into the mouth. Patients are advised to stick to their dentist’s recommendations on how long the device should be worn daily.

Patients might have to wear their dentures all day long at first, since this makes it easier for the dentist to identify areas that need alterations. Making sure partial dentures fit properly leads to a better experience for the patient.

Replace your missing teeth

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