What Benefits Dental Bonding Can Have for Your Smile

Dental Bonding Tucson, AZ

If you get self-conscious about your appearance when you smile, you should consider talking to a dentist about dental bonding. During the appointment, the dentist will be able to explore the benefits and drawbacks of dental bonding with you. This will help you make the best choice about your oral health. Teeth bonding, unlike most dental treatments, is minimally invasive and typically requires only one visit to the dental office. Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of dental bonding.

The need for dental bonding

Bonding involves the application of flexible material to the teeth to fix structural defects. Bonding can improve the form and appearance of decayed, cracked, chipped, discolored, or uneven teeth using a tooth-colored composite resin material that blends in with the surrounding teeth. Bonding may be used as an alternative to silver amalgam fillings in certain situations. Dentists typically apply bonding in just one visit.

Bonding is one of the most straightforward and cost-effective smile enhancements available. The dental professional will mold and polish the composite resin material used in bonding to fit into the crevices of teeth and complement the look of the surrounding teeth. Although bonding is typically used to correct small flaws, it may also be used to close gaps between teeth or adjust the tooth's length. If a patient's root is uncovered, the dentist will use bonding to protect the sensitive region and reduce sensitivities.

The benefits of choosing dental bonding

Most people do not need pain medication because teeth bonding is a non-invasive dental treatment. However, each patient is unique. To prevent pain during the process, the dentist can administer local anesthesia.

Since the dentist does not have to remove part of the natural tooth structure, teeth bonding is a minimally invasive procedure. Other dental restoration options, such as porcelain veneers or dental crowns, are not the same. The dentist must strip enough enamel during the veneers procedure so the veneers do not seem bulky. When patients need a dental crown, more enamel must be extracted so the restoration will fit over the teeth. Dental bonding allows most patients to retain as much natural tooth structure as possible.

Dental bonding can be completed in just one visit. The dentist will simply apply tooth-colored resin directly to teeth, instead of having to wait weeks for a dental lab to fabricate a tooth restoration. 

In conclusion

If you need an affordable and quick option to revamp your smile, you should consider dental bonding. The procedure can produce results that can leave you with an aesthetically appealing smile. Contact the dental office to book an appointment today.

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