Three Signs That Dentures Are Recommended

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Dentures are an economical way to go about replacing missing teeth. Partial denture sets are recommended when you have only lost a few of your teeth, while full denture sets are recommended when most of your natural teeth are gone. Dentures replace the appearance and function of lost teeth, restoring your ability to chew food and pronounce words properly. All this can be done in as little as two weeks.

Three reasons dentures might be recommended

There are a few factors that determine when a dentist might recommend dentures to a patient with missing teeth.

1. You are missing most of your teeth

When most people think of dentures, the first thing that comes into their minds is full denture sets that are used when a person has lost most of their teeth. Other oral prosthetics like implants provide benefits dentures do not provide like preserving bone tissues in the jaw, but these devices are not as affordable as dentures. A single implant can easily cost more than a full denture set. Since dentures are significantly more affordable than alternatives like implants and bridges, dentists typically recommend them to patients who have lost most of their real teeth.

2. You’re struggling with health issues like diabetes

People with health conditions like diabetes or other health problems that limit their ability to recover might not be deemed good candidates for alternatives like implants. Placing implants requires minor oral surgery and some patients are simply not healthy enough for that. If a dentist feels oral surgery might be too risky for a patient, they might recommend less invasive alternatives like dentures or dental bridges.

3. You have a limited budget for teeth replacement

Many people only have so much they can afford to spend on artificial teeth, and dentures give them the largest savings. However, some of these people are not huge fans of dentures, and they also want the bone preserving properties of implants.

Implants serve as artificial teeth roots when installed, and they help to keep bone tissues in the jaw healthy by transferring bite forces into them. It is impossible to overstate the importance of this since people with missing teeth often find themselves dealing with bone tissue loss in their jaw due to a lack of stimulation. Implants are the only oral prosthetic that addresses this problem and provides the stimulation the jaw needs to remain healthy.

Dentists can give patients the best of both worlds by combining implants with dentures. It proves a less expensive option than simply replacing teeth with implants, but the patient still gets the bone-preserving bonus that comes with implants. These hybrid prosthetics use implants as bases that dentures are attached to. Some are removable, while other types are permanently fixed in place once installed by a dentist.

Replace your missing teeth

Replacing your missing teeth allows you to get back to enjoying foods you like, and it gives you a smile you can be proud of. Call or stop by our Tucson clinic to learn more about how dentures can be used to replace your lost teeth.

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