What is Required to Place Dental Implants?

What is Required to Place Dental Implants? from Simply Smiles Dentistry in Tucson, AZThe teeth are an essential part of the human body, which is why so many people turn to dental implants. Without enough teeth, it is harder for people to bite into and chew their food and harder to enunciate certain words when speaking. When many teeth are missing, the shape of the face will change, causing some people to lose self-esteem as well. Implants solve many of these problems for people who are good candidates for the procedure.

Who is a good candidate for the implant procedure?

There are several requirements that a patient must meet in order to be eligible for the implant procedure. Most obviously, the patient must have at least one missing tooth. Additionally, to be a good candidate, the patient must have a jawbone that has reached its full growth. Ideally, the jawbone will be strong enough to hold the implant on its own, but some patients may be eligible for a bone graft if healthy bone is required. The patient must be in good overall health, should not use tobacco, and cannot have any conditions that would affect the healing of the bone. Finally, a good candidate must understand that the process takes several months to complete in most cases.

What can the patient expect during the implant procedure?

Getting dental implants requires several steps and often spans several months.


The first implant appointment is a consultation. The dentist examines the patient's overall health and oral health, takes X-rays and CT scans of the jawbone to ensure it is healthy enough for the procedure, takes bite impressions, and performs color matching to ensure the implants will match the remaining natural teeth.


If there are any broken teeth that need to be replaced, the dentist will remove them. This may be done during the initial consultation, at a separate appointment, or during the appointment for implant insertion. Patients should avoid smoking, spitting excessively, blowing their nose, or drinking through a straw, all of which can cause dry socket and prolong healing time.

Bone grafting and implant insertion

If the jawbone is not strong enough, then bone will be taken from a different part of the jawbone and inserted where the implant will be. Those who need grafting first may need to allow that to heal before the implants are done. Those who do not need grafting will have the implants added to the healthy jawbone right away. Depending on which procedures are necessary and how quickly the patient heals, this process can take three to nine months.

Abutment and permanent crown placement

When the jaw is stable, it is time to place the abutments, which is what connects the implant to the dental crown. Finally, the permanent crowns are placed on the abutment. Once implanted, they are permanent and require daily brushing and flossing to remain healthy. Additionally, the patient should continue to see the dentist at least once per year.

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With dental implants in place, patients can bite, chew, and speak more easily, not to mention feel better about their appearance.

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