Seeing an Emergency Dentist for Wisdom Tooth Pain

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When it comes to dental professionals, the emergency dentist may not be one you think of right away. However, when you have an immediate need for relief, you should not hesitate to make a call to one. One area where you may experience problems is in your wisdom teeth. While these teeth emerge late in life, you could face concerns before they come in.

An understanding of wisdom teeth

While most people will have their first two sets of molars in by their mid-teens, the third set comes in as late as a person’s early twenties. These are called wisdom teeth. Some people do not have a full set of four wisdom teeth. In some cases, people can benefit from these teeth when there is proper alignment and room in the mouth. Unfortunately, for many people, wisdom teeth start to emerge crooked or come in at the wrong angles. This can pose significant problems for the person’s comfort and oral health.

Why people come to an emergency dentist

Some dentists focus on treating acute pain and relieving patients of serious oral issues. A dentist that provides emergency care has additional years of study and training in these areas. Plus, an office that does emergency services can see patients at any time of the day, each day of the week. The person in need may even come in without calling ahead.

For infection treatment

If wisdom teeth begin to erupt, the individual may be susceptible to infection. Particles of food can get trapped under the gums, leading to intense pain. This discomfort will not likely go away without intervention. People suffering this should not wait for their next checkup with the general dentist. The emergency dentist can examine the emerging wisdom teeth and remove the infection to provide relief.

A crowded mouth

A person’s dentist should confirm whether there is enough room for the wisdom teeth. However, patients who neglect these wellness appointments may not know until it is too late that there is no space for these molars. When these teeth break through in a crowded mouth, it can cause problems for the existing teeth. The emergency dentist can evaluate whether the wisdom teeth need to go. In some cases, the dentist can adjust the existing teeth to accommodate the wisdom teeth.

Recommending surgery

For extreme wisdom teeth pain, removal may be the right option. An emergency dentist can evaluate the patient’s needs and determine the appropriate next steps. The dentist can refer the patient to an oral surgeon in the area who has the knowledge and training to complete the procedure. If there are post-surgery complications, the emergency dentist can examine the patient and treat the symptoms.

Be wise, come to the dentist’s office

You should never put off a visit to the emergency dentist if you have wisdom tooth pain. The consequences could be serious if the teeth come in crooked or if your mouth is too crowded. You can feel well once again and have the peace of mind you need for your oral health. Reach out to a dentist near you today.

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