Natural-looking Partial Dentures: 3 FAQs

When you think of partial dentures, you may think that only some people choose this treatment. However, these appliances are a popular choice for patients of a wide age range and for people who have varying degrees of dental issues. One thing that should give you comfort is that these dentures are made to look like your natural teeth. So, it will not be easy for people to know you are wearing something artificial. A good dentist can help you choose the right style and color to look as natural as possible.

Make an appointment

Aside from doing some solo research, prospective denture wearers can make the right decision by visiting a dental professional. Many patients have similar questions and concerns about wearing this apparatus. Dentures might not be for everyone struggling with missing teeth. However, they do offer a viable option. Especially if it is important to the patient for the appliance to closely resemble natural teeth. People may have anxiety and nervousness about approaching this subject, but an experienced dentist has the knowledge and tools to replicate actual teeth.

Will they be the right color?

No dentures will look natural without having the right shade to match the patient’s teeth. The nice thing about this apparatus is that the wearer can show the dentist the desired color. The dentist should then be able to closely match what the patient is looking for. Together, the dentist and patient can come up with the right shade to blend in nicely with any natural teeth. Also, the base will be the same color as the gums.

Will the dentures allow the wearer to eat normally?

When a person decides to get partial dentures, the dentist will carefully examine the mouth and will take several molds. This will help make sure it fits the patient correctly. The dentist will then test the dentures to see whether the person can bite and chew without difficulty. For the dentures to be natural-looking, they must enable the wearer to eat most foods, even those that are hard and sticky. The dentures should also allow for normal speech.

What types of partial dentures are available?

Most dentures that a patient can choose are made of metal. For additional strength, the partial variety made includes a framework of cobalt or stainless-steel clasps. Some other types of dentures are more flexible. Patients can also find a style of dentures made of resin, which are lighter. The designs themselves give the dentures the type of durability one would expect in a natural-looking alternative.

Go for it

If you and your dentist decide that wearing partial dentures is the right move, make an appointment and go forward with the decision. Dentures can help you regain your attractive smile, eat normally once again and avoid oral health issues. Call your dentist office today to get back on the road to a great look. Your dentist will be eager to fit you with the proper dentures.

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