How to Improve Your Smile With a Full Mouth Reconstruction

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Getting a full mouth reconstruction can make you smile again. If you are living with mouth pain or do not feel confident in your smile, there are options to restore your mouth. A full mouth reconstruction can replace teeth that are missing. It can also restore the function of the gums and the jaws. Read on to learn how to make your smile stunning.

What is a full mouth reconstruction?

A full mouth reconstruction’s goal is to replace or rebuild all the teeth in a patient’s mouth in order to make them look and function properly. It can also involve treating mouth problems, such as gum disease, and build up areas of the jaws that are weak or have lost bone density.

Teeth whitening

For teeth that are still strong but may appear stained or darkened, the dentist may recommend a whitening procedure. Genetics, use of tobacco, illnesses or injuries can all cause the teeth to become discolored over time. Whitening in the dentist’s office is a quick procedure that has fast results.

The dentist will place a protective gel over the patient’s gums. The dentist will then apply a whitening solution over the teeth. This whitening solution generally contains hydrogen peroxide, which helps bleach out the stains. The whitening solution used in a dentist’s office is generally stronger than the ones found in drugstores.

Dental bridges

For patients with large gaps between the teeth, the dentist may recommend a bridge. The bridge consists of one or more false teeth and the bridge is held in place in the mouth by the adjacent teeth. Different types of bridges can be used, depending on whether a patient has two, one or no teeth next to the gap. When there are not enough teeth or they are not strong enough, the dentist may surgically place an implant in the patient’s mouth to better support the bridge. This allows the bridge to be as strong as possible.


Sometimes, the teeth are strong enough that an extraction is not necessary, but the teeth are not attractive. They may be chipped, excessively stained or even misshapen. Veneers can help even out the teeth, so the teeth look straighter. The veneer is a thin cover that is placed over the front of each tooth that is seen when smiling. The dentist will cement the veneer in place for a strong fit.

One of the most common types of veneers is a porcelain veneer. This is custom-fitted to the tooth. It does not stain easily and it is long-lasting.

Visit a dentist today

A smile reconstruction can help you improve your smile by replacing missing teeth and brightening the ones you have. The dentist can also cover misshapen or otherwise unsightly teeth. No matter what your smile looks like now, a full mouth reconstruction can give you a beautiful smile. If you want to improve your smile through a full mouth reconstruction, visit a dentist today.

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