How to Be the Best Patient for Your Tucson Dentist

Posted on: June 16, 2019

Many of us do not exactly enjoy visiting our Tucson dentist, especially those who do not take their oral health seriously. Even if you have excellent oral hygiene regimen, you could be doing certain things that are harming your teeth.

How to be the best patient for your Tucson dentist

You do not have to brush immediately before your appointment

While wanting to keep your breath fresh before your appointment seems reasonable, some dentists do not like it. Dentists know that bad breath is sometimes inevitable. Sometimes, it is good to keep your teeth the way they are when visiting the dentist. The smell of your breath could be a sign of a dental or systemic health issue, so it may be a good idea to let the dentist detect it. However, if you recently had a meal and the remnants are still on your teeth, you should rinse or brush them away.

Do not exercise beforehand

If possible, wait until the end of your appointment before hitting the gym. The last thing your dentist wants is to have you sit in the dental chair in damp, sweaty clothes.

Put your cellphone away

Unless you are expecting an urgent call, put your phone away once you are with your Tucson dentist. The phone can create a distraction during treatment.

Cancel your appointments respectfully

Each dental office has its own canceling or rescheduling protocols. One typical thing among them all is that it is improper to cancel an appointment without notice. It is not only rude, but also that time could have been spent seeing another patient instead.

Be wary of bringing kids

Before bringing your kids to your dental appointment, consult with the dental office first to know if it is okay. If there is no one to watch your kids, the practice may have a staff member that can keep an eye them during your appointment, but this might not be available at all offices. Although you do not have to reschedule your meeting because your babysitter is not available, know that having your kids around can create distractions during your dental procedure.

Avoid smoking

Dentists are generally against smoking, especially when you are in their office. Smoking causes many oral health issues, including gum disease, tooth loss, teeth staining and even oral cancer.

Ask questions

You should clearly understand any treatment suggested by your dentist, including the options and alternatives available. Do not hesitate to ask questions if you are confused, and the dentist will be happy to enlighten you.

Be honest about your dental habits

Honesty is essential when you are meeting with any health expert. Withholding vital information about your medical history or practices can prevent you from getting appropriate treatment. You have to tell your dentist anything going on with your oral health and your oral hygiene routine.

In conclusion

Be ready to talk to your Tucson dentist or dental hygienist about a bad experience or any reservations you might have. Giving feedback (whether positive or negative) regarding your appointment is essential to help your caregiver deliver the best treatment.

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