How Long Will Teeth Whitening Take Home Trays Results Last?

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One of the most popular treatments in dentistry today is teeth whitening. Getting a healthier-looking smile makes the procedure attractive for many individuals. Using take-home trays is a great way to get a brighter smile conveniently. However, you might wonder how long the results will last. Keep reading to find out more about the process.

In-office vs. take-home trays

The method used might determine the results. For instance, patients can expect to need a teeth whitening treatment for around two to three weeks for take-home trays. However, some patients might be satisfied with the results in less time than that. There are some benefits and drawbacks of each method.

For instance, in-office procedures often offer faster results. Patients can go home that day with a brighter smile than they started with. Of course, it tends to be more expensive, making take-home trays an attractive option. And in-office treatments often use a higher concentration of bleach. For those with sensitive teeth, the process might not be that pleasant.

Take-home trays might be more affordable for some patients. Plus, the trays do not result in as much tooth sensitivity. It is possible to do the teeth whitening treatment at home, and each session can take place at the patient’s convenience. The results will still last a long time, and the patient can control how white to make the teeth. For instance, the patient might be happy with the results before the treatment time is over.

The patient can likely keep the trays to use over the years. That way, it is possible to maintain the results. The length of time that the effects last will depend on how often the patient does touch-ups. Of course, patients looking for instant results might not want to use take-home trays. The results do take longer to be apparent. Plus, over-the-counter products might not fit the teeth evenly, leading to the risk of gum irritation.

The length of time the results will last

Unfortunately, the results will last for a varying amount of time. The results might last anywhere from six months to around two to three years. It depends on the individual. Of course, some things might cause the teeth to become stained. That includes:

  • Highly pigmented foods, such as berries or beets
  • Habits such as smoking
  • Drinking beverages like tea, soda, coffee, or red wine

Patients will want to brush the teeth at least two times each day and avoid these and other foods. Of course, having these foods in moderation is still possible. And with beverages that tend to stain the teeth, patients can use a straw to minimize contact with the teeth. Patients should brush the teeth soon after having these beverages and foods.

Choose the right teeth whitening for a brighter smile

The dentist has experience in offering whiter smiles. If you want to know more, the dentist can help you learn about the procedure. You can learn about what to expect and find the right solution for you. Then you will be on your way toward a happier, whiter smile.

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