Going to the Dentist While Wearing Braces

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Wearing braces should never be a reason to neglect dental appointments. Your orthodontic care will focus on straightening your teeth or correcting bite abnormalities. However, teeth cleaning and preventive oral health screenings are still jobs for your dentist to perform. No matter where you are in your orthodontic treatment, make sure you continue to make regular dental appointments.

Dental checkup care

The semiannual visit to the dentist’s office will give the dentist a chance to check for issues such as cavities and infections. The hygienist will also take X-rays and will clean the person’s teeth by scraping off plaque and other buildup. The hygienist will also floss the teeth and finish up with a thorough polishing job. The dentist also takes a turn to examine the patient’s teeth and gums. The dentist may check for chips or other damage as well. The regular checkup is a good occasion for the patient to ask questions and express concerns about their oral health.

Communicate the news

When a patient is coming to the dentist’s office for the first time since getting braces, the staff needs to know about the new appearance. People should make sure the hygienist and dentist are aware of their orthodontic treatment so they can update the chart and plan accordingly. This can help the hygienist get ready with the right tools and equipment for a thorough cleaning. Then, once the patient gets off the braces, the person should inform the dental office.

Extra attention

Wearing braces help straighten teeth, but they make it more difficult to keep teeth clean. Reaching every part of each tooth is not a simple process when the person has to contend with the brackets and wires. To make sure each tooth gets equal care, the hygienist will take some more time to get inside every crack and around all wires and brackets.

X-rays are OK

Some people wonder whether it is wise to get X-rays while wearing braces. There is no harm in doing this, just as there should be no concerns with getting X-rays at any checkup. X-rays emit a low level of radiation. Also, the dentist will use every precaution and protection available.

Help with flossing when wearing braces

People who wear braces often put off flossing because it can take more time and be more challenging. The hygienist will use floss threaders, which help get the floss underneath the wire. The dentist should provide the patient with these devices and can demonstrate how to use them as well.

Keep on coming

Dental care while you wear braces may be even more critical than it was before you started seeing the dentist. Poor dental health practices can lead to cavities, gum disease or infections. When you wear braces, you may be more prone to these problems, as it is more difficult to reach all areas of the teeth. If you continue to make and keep dental appointments during your treatment, you can enjoy healthy, strong teeth and gums. Find out the last time you stopped by the dentist’s office and make your next visit.

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