3 Tips to Find an Emergency Dentist Last Minute

Emergency Dentist Tucson, AZ

Minutes count for people who experience a sudden dental issue such as a broken tooth. Getting to an emergency dentist who can help right away is usually one of the most important factors for those who find themselves in pain that cannot wait until their usual dentist opens back up again. Finding a dentist who can handle an emergency on a holiday or weekend is not always easy, but there are a few tips to keep in mind during a search. 

What is a dental emergency? 

Before searching for an emergency dentist, consider if the issue truly warrants one. These dentists usually only offer limited services to accommodate patients who have serious needs, such as an oral infection, a broken tooth with bleeding in the mouth, or tooth displacement due to trauma. A clinic that handles emergencies may also assist with broken dental appliances, such as braces, when the repair cannot wait.

How can you find an emergency dentist?

For serious oral health problems, when time is of the essence, knowing how to find an emergency dental clinic quickly can prevent further complications and pain. 

1. Ask for referrals 

Friends or family may know a local emergency dentist who can handle different sorts of problems right away, so those who need such a service may start by asking them for referrals. This can be an effective way of saving time, as those who have visited such a clinic in the past may have information such as its hours, location, and whether they accept any type of dental insurance plans. 

2. Inquire about services 

Not all emergency dental clinics offer the same services, and some may specialize in certain services that others do not, such as same-day tooth extractions. Making inquiries about which services an emergency dentist performs can save time and help ensure that any patient who needs a specific service can receive it quickly to relieve pain and avoid future problems with a broken or displaced tooth. 

3. Seek a multipurpose clinic 

Those who have a dental emergency are likely to feel anxious or worried about their condition and may want to look for a dentist who can perform a variety of services under one roof. For example, an infected tooth may need an extraction, pocket cleaning, and antibiotics prescribed to prevent any secondary infection that might occur. Being able to find a dentist who can perform all these procedures in one visit can offer potential patients peace of mind. 


Experiencing a sudden dental issue can be a frightening experience, but help is available from emergency clinics and dentists who offer hours during the evening, the weekends, and on holidays. Those with a broken tooth or other sudden problems may be surprised to discover that they can have their problem resolved without having to travel far or pay out of pocket by keeping the above tips in mind while searching for an after-hours dental clinic. 

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